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Monday, February 2, 2015

The New Project

The last several years at Detour North have really been something! We continue to grow and explore new and exciting things that we can share with everyone, and this drives us to continue being creative and to think outside the box.  We never want to be satisfied with the 'same old' and choose to bring our excitement and creativity to everything that we do, as the journey and story is what makes us and our products what we are.

In light of this, we are looking forward to a new adventure as we dive more heavily into the world of the internet and our online store, and all the possibilities that it creates.  We love that the creation process and the story are what make our projects what they are; everything we do has our whole attention and artistic influence, and our customers have a huge role in shaping everything that we do.

We thought that a blog would be a fantastic way to chronicle our journey through our day to day projects and creations to share the whole story behind much of what we do. We won't limit this purely to our products, but every part of what we do.  From long nights spent working in the workshop and brainstorming with a customer on a custom job to breathing the spring blooms on a lively trout stream or crisp autumn mornings sitting in the deer stand, all of these experiences shape what we do, and we would like to share those with you here.

Bare with us as we begin this new step, but we should have a lot of fun along the way!
- Detour North

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