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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Wood Floors & Cougars

New wood floor in the beginning stages of installation.
Just getting started!
One thing that we always struggle with communicating to our customers is that we pretty much do everything in regards to cabin decor and lodge themed design. We like to tailor our work exactly to what fits our customers, and we are not intimidated by any task. One specialty that we actually do quite a bit of is unique, rustic wood floors. We really enjoy the transformation that our wood floors bring to a cabin - even when there are COUGARS prowling around the cabin!

Over the last week we have been spending most of our time dedicated to one of our great customer's cabins.  They recently purchased the cabin which has been in place for quite a while, and they have been making it their own ever since. The cabin had a great cozy, northwoods cabin feel to it, but it just needed something to push it over the edge. As with many of these older cabins, the existing floor was linoleum which does not bring a whole lot to the table for the look. The old linoleum did have a little retro charm to it though, and it was almost sad to see it go! Our customers were out of town for the week, and we really wanted to surprise them and get the floor in before they came back to the cabin this week...

Chris Kuehn putting the first coat of finish onto the newly laid floor.
Main floor is down, and the finishing stages underway.
After a solid day into the floor, we noticed some strange looking tracks in the snow out in the yard. We looked at them from the window trying to figure out what they could be, and we just could not match them to the obvious culprits such as a deer, dog, fox, coyote, or even a wolf for that matter.  The track pattern was off, and we noticed that in some places it made HUGE leaps from one set, to the next.  We had to get a closer look, and after talking about it and processing all the details it finally clicked - COUGAR tracks. Once we made the connection it was pretty obvious it couldn't be anything else, unless of course our customers had a really, really big house cat they never told us about. This discovery definitely made things more interesting; we weren't afraid of being 'attacked,' but it certainly made cutting boards outside after dark a titch more exciting!

Overhead view of an unfinished section of the newly laid floor.
Overhead of an unfinished section of floor.
Despite the risk of impending cougar attacks, we pressed on. Making quick work of the floor, we moved to get all the finishing touches in place including setting up new pieces of our furniture.  All in all, we laid floor in two bedrooms, the hallway, and the main room which included the living room and kitchen. Talk about an upgrade! The new floor just pushes the cabin over the top, and really classes it up from the old linoleum look! However, even with the new floor look, the floor still delivers a rustic charm that works so well with the existing vintage walls and does not feel out of place.

Finished floor, and our furniture moved back into place. Doesn't get much better than this!
Don't take our word for it though, take a look for yourself! Here is a shot from the living room after all the dust settled, and some of our furniture pieces are back in place. We really love the look a well done wood floor brings into a home or cabin, especially when they turn out this great!

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  1. Looks great! Loved the story behind the floor!

  2. so we drove for 8 hours, arriving to our cabin at 3am. I do believe we stood and stared at the floor until 5am! amazing!! chris and his crew did a truly beautiful job! you really need to see it to believe it! the artistic talent displayed is within each board that was laid. you all have made what is a wonderful and special cabin.....even more special to us. we thank you so very very much! with out other detour north is the icing on the cake. now I just wish we could stop shopping........however that is not possible with Chris's talent. the floor, the furniture......and organic and artistic expression of creativity makes it a one of a kind. on a side I type this, my husband is running back and forth in front of the window with some oversized kitty attached to his backside. perfect! by the way chris and co.......this morning the snow covered ground is covered in the same tracks. do you sell trail cams also?

    1. forgive my type-o's.......I was so excited!

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