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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Quest for the Ultimate Adirondack Chair

First prototype in the shop.
For  SIXTEEN YEARS  we have worked and reworked the classic Adirondack Chair design in a quest to come up with the  ULTIMATE  

The Adirondack chair design has been around forever, and the list of variations and similar designs is endless. Despite the many reasons we love the iconic Adirondack chair design, there are many shortcomings we wished to improve upon with our new design including comfort and quality while adding a touch of Detour North style!

Extra Wide Armrests & Curved Seat Front
We have made many changes to our designs over the years, all improving upon each other as we've evolved the design. Our primary goal - the most comfortable and sturdy Adirondack style chair ever made.

Large, extra wide armrests to accommodate the drink of your choice while enjoying the outdoors - heck bring a plate of BBQ chicken and potato salad out, our extra wide armrests can take it all! This is a classic element of the Adirondack chair, but ours take it to the next level. To attach these beastly armrests to our chair we use several massive 4" riser screws and sink them into the huge half log legs that are the signature of our chair design. Our half log legs create a rock solid chair that can take anything you throw at it, and to make it even stronger we use full 2" lumber to create the base of the seat. We overbuilt this chair from the ground up. Most Adirondack designs wobble and flex after a short time.... Not this one!

Contoured Seat Back
Sturdy and indestructible was only our second goal for our chair, our primary goal was the ultimate in comfort. The key to our design's unbelievable comfort is our extra high, curved seat back and curved seat. No flat back here. We could talk about how comfortable this chair is all day long, but you truly need to have a seat in it before you'll understand! The extra effort we put in curving the back puts this chair in a class of its own. To top it all off we make the back extra tall to allow your head to rest so you can truly relax and enjoy yourself. With the chair's 100% cedar construction, this chair is made to last without the cold composite material or plastic chairs found all over.  Our wood construction brings a warmth and comfort that many of the modern alternatives just can't compete with.

Words can only go so far in showing you what our new chair is all about. We encourage you to stop out and see for yourself! Once you take a seat in our redesigned Adirondack chair you will know why we call it the ULTIMATE Adirondack chair!

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